The Best Workout Plan: 3 Days a Week

Setting out for gym, mostly, is intimidating for beginners but well-thought-out best workout plan and necessary guidance can make this amicable and invigorating in the end. All exercises in a fitness plan are aimed at promoting strength and gaining muscles. However, overexertion at the onset of this endeavor will only result in less efficiency and poor results.

This best workout plan is based on alternate day approach, you will be spending 3 days such as Monday, Wed and Friday in workout, either at a gym near you or at home with a little bit equipment. The focus will be on the full body exercises for each day. The rest day will allow your body to get accustomed to new routine, workout plan movements, avoid fatigue and to recover.

Considerations for Beginners: Best Workout Plan

Do not Hurry! Keep your beginner’s mode on till there is significant improvement and your body is well accustomed to workout plan. Read our blog on 10 Tips for Effective Exercise. It is ok to add sets of certain exercises or repetitions if you want to focus a certain area but never overdo it. Several factors such as your age, metabolism type, existing body weight, agility and consistency affect the outcome of the best workout plan. Some may see results in 3-6 months others have to work for 8-12 months to achieve similar results.

1st Day of Best Workout Plan: Focus is Full Bodybuilding

Before you start, remember to add 60-90 seconds interval between steps and to use weights that comfortably allows you to perform prescribed sets and their repetitions. No need to overburden while pursuing this best workout plan.

  • For legs: Start your day with simple squats @ 2 sets of 5-10 reps. Consider back squats.
  • For Chest: start front press using a flat bench @ 3 sets with 5 repetitions each. Add pushups.
  • For a strong back, start with cable rows in seated position @ 2 sets with 8-10 reps
  • For shoulders, start with 3 sets of shoulder press in seated position. Add dumbbells. Move to lateral raises @ 3 sets with 10-15 reps in order to make shoulders strong in the best workout plan.
  • For triceps development, start with 3 sets of cable rope pushdowns with 5-8 reps.
  • For abs: Start with Plank and cobra stretch @ 2 sets each of 20-30 seconds.
  • For calves: start with calf raises in seated position @ 3 sets with 5-10 reps.
  • Feel free to read detailed best workout plans for legs, improved chest, a sculpted and strong back, broad and strong shoulders and 6 pack abs

Congratulations! you have successfully completed the first day of the best workout plan. Now, lets read what tomorrow awaits.

2nd Day: The best Workout Plan

            Welcome to the 2nd day of your training either at home or a gym. Consider using a fully equipped gym near you to obtain maximum out of this best workout plan. You remember that full body is the focus on each day!

  • For Back: start with 3 sets of trap bar deadlifts each with 5-8 reps. After an appropriate interval, perform pullups @ 2 reps with 8-12 reps
  • For Chest: after front press of the 1st day, perform incline press @ 3 sets with 8-10 reps. Add dumbbells if you feel comfortable in performing the same exercise with some weight.
  • For Shoulders: Shoulder press with machine are effective way to start working on shoulders or you can opt for reverse machine fly @ 3 sets with 5-8 reps
  • For Legs: Start performing standing calf raises @ 2 sets with 10-15 reps. Also perform front lunges @ 2 sets with 10-15 reps.
  • For Biceps: start the best workout plan and perform Bicep curls with some weight (Dumbbells) that is comfortable for you @ 3 sets with 10-15 reps. Therefore, you must opt for adjustable dumbbells from your nearest retail store or from a vendor online.  

At the end of the 2nd day, a reminder that don’t overdo it and ensure 90-120 seconds interval between sets for each and every exercise to make your best workout plan a success.

3rd Day: Last Day of the Best Workout Plan

            Let’s start with the third (last day) of the best workout plan for beginners. Again, its focus is the full body training in this best workout plan for beginners

  • For Legs: Continue with the seated calf raises at the same rate and include leg press @ 2 sets with 8-10 reps each. Also repeat the lunges in order to train your legs. Leg strength will play pivotal role in the success of your workout in the long run.
  • For Back: Continue repeating the same exercises as day 1 and day 2 in order to strengthen your back. You can consider adding T-bar rows (Optional) but not necessary for beginners.
  • For Chest: Perform chest fly, preferably using dumbbells, @ 3 sets with 8-10 reps. Continue pushups at the rate 15-20 reps and front press at the same rate as day 1 & 2.
  • For Shoulders: Shoulder press (with dumbbells), one arm at a time, @ 3 sets with 8-10 reps. Also perform front raises, also with dumbbells, at the same rate.
  • For Abs: At the end of 3rd day of the best workout plan, continue with the planks and crunches with leg raised. Moreover, the mountain climb @ 2 sets with 20 reps for each leg.


As the best workout plan reveals, the 3 day/week program focuses the full body. It will stimulate your muscles to gain strength and mass where required and lose fats as well as weight where necessary. Always, remember that integrating a diet plan with this best workout plan ensures early and long-lasting results as far as fitness is concerned.


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