5 Shoulder impingement syndrome exercises

What are Shoulder impingement syndrome exercises?

            Shoulder impingement syndrome exercises are often advised by physiotherapists and personal trainers to cater the shoulder impingement syndrome. Lets briefly understand what is the shoulder impingement syndrome and how these exercises are helpful in alleviating this condition. 

Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

            Common symptoms when may have to perform shoulder impingement syndrome exercises as a therapy include feeling of pain when you try to reach overhead with your hand, you may feel stinking pain while lying on the side of the affected shoulder, often the discomfort starts from the shoulder and moves down the arm, just like the pain is radiating from your shoulder down the arm.

            Shoulder impingement syndrome is often referred to as subacromial impingement which is largely characterized by the compression of bursa, the fluid filled sacs, and the tendons of the shoulder. These compressions are also referred to as impingements. The result is pain in the shoulder while moving the shoulder joint, especially when reaching forward or overhead and inflammation. Read more about shoulder impingement syndrome in our blog 6 Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Exercises

The treatment for this condition, among other options, includes shoulder impingement syndrome exercises. This blog covers 5 of these shoulder impingement syndrome exercises along with their unique and scientifically backed benefits for shoulder impingement syndrome. For more on shoulder development, Read our blog Shoulder Workouts: 3 Best Shoulder Workout Routines.

1. Prone Horizontal Abduction

These shoulder impingement syndrome exercises are known to strengthen the infraspinatus muscles, part of rotator cuff muscles, and posterior deltoids. Studies have shown that posterior deltoids play vital role by promoting stability of shoulder joints, thus, are effective for preventing shoulder impingement syndrome. If you want to read detailed shoulder exercises read our blog 35 Essential Shoulder Exercises: Master the Shoulder Workouts.

2. Bent-Over Lateral Raises: Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Exercise

These shoulder impingement syndrome exercises target two types of muscles including upper back muscles and the rear deltoids. Researches have shown that developing upper back muscles and rear deltoids are helpful in enhancing overall shoulder balance, which in turn ensures reduced risk of shoulder impingement syndrome. Read more for sculpted and strong back in our blog 13 Best Back Exercises: Get Strong and Sculpted Back

3. Face Pulls: Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Exercises

These shoulder impingement syndrome exercises target the upper traps and also help in developing posterior deltoids. If upper traps are strengthened, the risk of shoulder impingement syndrome is highly reduced.

4. Supine Shoulder Flexion

These shoulder impingement syndrome exercises are known to enhance flexibility and increase the range of shoulder joint’s motion. Thus, these exercises ensure smooth joint movement and increased flexibility alleviates tension in the shoulder joint leading to reduced impingement.

5. Scaption Exercise

These shoulder impingement syndrome exercises target the supraspinatus muscles, one of the four muscles in rotator cuff muscles. Studies have shown that supraspinatus muscle is the most common site for shoulder impingements. These exercises strengthen the supraspinatus muscles helping to protect from the shoulder impingement.

It is obvious from the above that shoulder impingement syndrome exercises help strengthening various muscles including posterior deltoids, infraspinatus muscles, supraspinatus muscles, upper back muscles, upper traps, allow more flexibility and help in enhancing the range of motion of shoulder joints. Thus, these shoulder exercises are very helpful in treating the shoulder impingement syndrome.

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