10 Tips for Effective Exercise


Why Tips for effective exercise! There is plethora of literature and pieces of advice on different exercises and workout plans starting from the beginners, children, women, intermediate trainers and advanced trainers. However, the pre-requisites of a successful and effective exercise routine or workout plan are rarely discussed and are considered of no importance. The fact is that many of the trainers who are trying hard to get into shape and achieve adorable fitness fail due to lack of preparedness.

Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the pre-requisites of successful training plans. Either you are a beginner or have been training for quite some time now, you must go through these tips in order to make your training sessions more effective and result oriented. The reason is if you are not mentally and physically prepared for your exercises and workout plans, your body will not respond to the workouts the way it should. For mental health workouts read our blog titled 7 Best Mental Fitness Workout Plans.

Tips for Effective Exercise or Workout: 

To make the most out of your training and to achieve the desired outcomes, the following are the tips that your should follow without fail. Remember! this list is by no means exhaustive and you may add any other methods that you are already familiar with or already implementing for your exercise routines and workout plan. These tips can be incorporated into the already routine being followed. 

  1. Warm-Up: The first and foremost tips for effective exercise is never ever start an intensive exercise routine without preparing your body for it. Therefore, always start with a proper warm-up to prepare your muscles for the exercises and reduce the risk of injury. The warm will induce the blood flow to increase in your body and the body will be able to effectively cater to the oxygen requirements of different muscles for a significantly long period. Focus on dynamic stretches as well as light cardio for an effective warm up.  
  2. Proper Form: Another important tips for effective exercise is maintaining proper form throughout your exercise routine. For each workout that is part of your workout plan, Ensure your back remains straight, and try to avoid the use of excessive weights. Moreover, the body should have controlled motion in order to target the  the intended muscles. Read our blog titled My Fitness Plan: Targeted Workouts for Every Body Part.
  3. Progressive Overload: Tips for Effective Exercise: Never try to over do. Always gradually increase the weights as well as intensity of your workouts. This will help you to continually challenge your body muscles and stimulate growth. The progressive overload refers to the adding of more weight, increasing repetitions. It also includes the shortening of rest intervals.
  4. Variation & Rotation: Another tips for effective exercise is to ensure variation of workouts. Especially when you are training to get into shape, variety of exercises may be included to target different parts of the body at the same time. Include a variety of exercises in your routine to strengthen the core as it will enable your to perform more intensive workouts in the coming days. Rotating exercises can also help reduce the risk of overuse injuries. Read about various exercises of legs, effective back exercises, variety of biceps and triceps exercises, different chest workouts, exercises for broadening your shoulder and workouts for abs
  5. Rest and Recovery: Give your back muscles adequate time to recover between workouts is another best tips for effective exercise. Rest and recovery are essential for muscle growth and injury prevention during any workout plan. Aim for 24 hours of recovery and 24 hours of rest before working the same muscle group again.
  6. Balanced Diet: One of the often neglected tips for effective exercise is that workout plans alone will take a long time to achieve the results. However, a diet plan harmonious with your workout plan plays a significant role in muscle development. Ensure you’re consuming enough protein, healthy diet, and carbohydrates to support your workouts and recovery.
  7. Stay Hydrated: Oxygen and water are the most basic needs of human body and their requirement is significantly enhanced during training. Adequate hydration is essential for muscle function and recovery. Drink enough water throughout the day to remain hydrated, especially before and after your workouts.
  8. Listen to Your Body: Your body is a machine and it has its limits. When a machine is run over its limit, it results in breakdown of the machine. Pay attention to your body’s signals. If you experience pain or discomfort during an exercise, stop immediately and seek guidance from a healthcare professional, fitness professional or your personal trainer. One of the Best Tips for Effective Exercise is this.
  9. Tips for Effective Exercise: Use a Spotter: Your safety and appropriate form is key for successful exercise routine. The intensive exercises, especially those involving heavy weight lifting, always consider using a spotter. 
  10. Quality Over Quantity: As discussed above, your position and the way you perform exercises is of paramount importance. Focus on the quality of your repetitions rather than the quantity. Performing exercises with proper form and a full range of motion is more effective than lifting heavier weights with poor form.

These are the tips that you should perform before going into workout or exercise. Follow this link in order to know what not to do to make your workout effective.

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