Fitness Plan: Get into Shape in 4 Weeks

            If you are a beginner or thinking to start over and you have done some research regarding a fitness plan that can bring you in shape, you will be well aware that most of the healthcare websites, fitness apps and magazines are full of 3 to 4 months fitness plans in order to get in shape, lose weight or any other objective that you are looking for in terms of your health and fitness.

            Keep in mind that a 4 weeks fitness plan will not make a seasoned vet in the gym but it is for sure that you will get that psychological hedge where 90% of the beginners fail or give up setting a lifetime stage for shaping your body either you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or shape your body.

You may refer this 4-week fitness plan as a shortened guide to body-building. It may seem demanding to you but it would be progressive because it will enable you to graduate certain exercises on weekly basis and make your body acquainted to the next challenge, the more intense and high-volume exercises.

            Consider going through this fitness plan either you are a novice who has never touched a weight in his/her entire life or you have been trying but failed due to some reasons. Absolutely no worries: Go through the following 4-week fitness plan and you will be more comfortable with your shirts off withing a month. Read our blog 10 Tips for Effective Exercise So, time for the action.

In summary, the first week of fitness plan covers the full body, the 2nd week will focus on upper body in the first half and the lower during the second half, the 3rd week is all about legs and stretching and in the last week, you will be working on you whole body.

1st Week: The Whole-Body Fitness Plan

            This will consist of working out for all major parts of your body in the fitness plan. One exercise that will focus full body training per day. You may consider doing this on alternate days in order to give your body rest after each day of workout in order to allow it to accustom with the workouts and stretching. Otherwise, you will be experiencing muscle fatigue and swelling leading you to exhaustion and temptation to give up.

            The exercises discussed below are aimed on hypertrophy i.e. for muscle and body building in the long run. Therefore, read description of each and every exercise carefully to perform them accurately. If you adopt the alternate-day approach, you will be performing total 9 sets for each major part i.e. 3 on each day. In short you will be performing reverse pyramid model starting from the 1st set repetitions at 8, 10 for the 2nd set and 12 for your 3rd set. This article assumes that you are an average height, average weight person to suggest full body workouts. These may vary as per your body type and your motivation to adapt a fitness plan and complete it.

Overall body fitness will certainly make you feel confident as far as your body is concerned. Start 1st day with Jumping jack, Push-ups, incline push-ups, knee push-ups wide arm push-ups cobra stretch and Planks with 30 reps each. You see, no weight lifting, no machinery and no equipment is involved in order to make a start.

2nd Week: Split Body Training

            Congratulations! You are on the second week of this fitness plan. Now the full body training will be focused in two days instead of the one in the 1st week program. For the ease, focus on the upper body on the first and the lower on the second day. Keep on doing most of the exercises from the 1st week and add cobra stretch, chest stretch and straight crunches to your daily routine. Start with the 30 reps and go on to 50 with the passage of time.

3rd Week: Enhanced Fitness Plan

            This week is very crucial as you will be shifting to a three days split focusing the upper body parts such as chest, shoulders, triceps etc on 1st day, squats, calves, glutes and hamstrings on the second and back and biceps on the 3rd day. In this week you will leave the alternate approach and rest after 3 days. So, in full week, you will workout on six days. Thus, your body will have synchronized to the training program on daily basis and you will take this to 4th week of your fitness plan.

4th Week: Enhance the Intensity and Frequency

            Welcome to the final week of this fitness plan where you have come through a long way. Focus on the abs in this week because the first thing you want to get rid off is the belly fat and the abs that will make you look attractive if not awesome. Begin with squats and focus on all sorts of crunches with cross legs and cross arms. Leg raises and cross leg crunches will also help. Focus on the abs with a few reps of the exercises that you have been doing from the first week.

No new exercise but focus is on the intensity and frequency of the workouts. Always remember that your repetitions must remain in hypertrophy layout but the sets must increase for each one exercise. Consider increasing up to 5 sets for each workout by the end of this week’s fitness plan. As far as your overall fitness level is concerned, if you are able to do plank for 45-60 seconds, you have achieved a great deal from your four weeks fitness plan. Remember to take it forward!

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