21 Best Bicep Exercises

When it comes to showcasing your strength and power, well-defined biceps are a key part. Bicep exercises are not just about aesthetics but also about functional strength. If you are working on achieving a great and adorable shape, this blog provides a comprehensive list of bicep exercises that can help you build and sculpt powerful arms. From classic barbell curls to unique variations, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start!

21 Bicep Exercises

  1. Barbell Curl

The barbell curl is a foundational bicep exercise. It’s a simple yet effective movement that builds overall arm strength.

  1. Barbell Preacher Curl

The preacher curl isolates the biceps by using a preacher bench, promoting proper form and reducing momentum.

  1. Bodyweight Curl

This bicep exercise requires no equipment. You use your body weight as resistance, making it an ideal choice for at-home workouts.

  1. Cable Curl With Bar

Cable curls are machine bicep workout that provide constant tension on the biceps throughout the range of motion, making them an effective choice for muscle growth.

  1. Cable Curl With Rope

This bicep exercise is performed by using a rope attachment on the cable machine allows for a unique grip, engaging the biceps from different angles.

  1. Concentration Curl

The concentration curl hones in on the biceps’ peak, creating a distinctive shape. This bicep workout was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger and has been in fitness arena since then. 

  1. Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell curls are a versatile choice for bicep workouts because it engages both arms independently, promoting balanced development of biceps on both sides.

  1. Dumbbell Preacher Curl

Similar to the barbell preacher curl, this bicep exercise isolates the biceps with the use of dumbbells and provides harmonious development. 

  1. Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is a popular bicep exercise among fitness enthusiasts. it emphasizes the brachialis muscle, contributing to overall arm thickness.

  1. Incline Dumbbell Curl

This bicep exercise involves performing curls on an incline bench shifts the focus to the long head of the biceps, promoting well-rounded development.

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  1. Machine Bicep Curl

Machine bicep curls provide stability and ease of use, making them ideal for beginners or as a finishing bicep exercise.

  1. Spider Curl

Spider curls are a bicep workout that are performed on an incline bench, emphasizing the biceps’ short head for greater definition.

  1. Reverse Barbell Curl

Target Muscles: Brachioradialis and Forearm Extensors

This bicep workout involves gripping the barbell with your palms facing down. It emphasizes the brachioradialis and forearm extensors, offering a unique challenge.

  1. Zottman Curl

Target Muscles: Biceps and Forearms

The Zottman curl combines a standard dumbbell curl with a reverse curl on the way down. This bicep exercise works the biceps and forearms effectively. Take a look at a comprehensive shoulder workout plan for broader shoulders. 

  1. Cross-Body Hammer Curl

This variation of the hammer curl involves curling the dumbbell across your body, providing a different angle of engagement for the biceps.

  1. 21s

21s are a classic bicep exercise involving three sets of 7 reps, each with a different range of motion. They challenge your biceps from multiple angles.

  1. Preacher Hammer Curl

Combine the preacher curl and hammer curl for a concentrated bicep workout that emphasizes both the long and short heads. Read here for detailed leg exercises to incorporate into your workout plan.

  1. Concentric Hammer Curl

This variation focuses on the concentric (lifting) phase of the hammer curl, promoting bicep peak development.

  1. Standing Resistance Band Curl

During this bicep exercise, using resistance bands while standing provides constant tension on the biceps, enhancing muscle activation.

  1. Chin-Ups

Target Muscles: Biceps and Back

Chin-ups engage the biceps while also working the back muscles. They’re an excellent compound bicep exercise for overall upper body strength.

  1. Alternating Dumbbell Curl

Alternate curls are bicep workouts that allow you to focus on one arm at a time, promoting balance and isolation of each bicep.

Tips for Effective Bicep Workouts

  • Use proper form: Maintain strict form to ensure that you’re targeting the biceps effectively and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Gradually increase weight: To stimulate muscle growth, progressively add resistance as your strength improves.
  • Variety is key: Incorporate a mix of these bicep exercises into your routine to work the muscles from various angles and prevent plateaus.
  • Balance your workouts: Don’t neglect other muscle groups. A balanced workout routine promotes overall strength and prevents imbalances.


Strong, well-defined biceps are a testament to your dedication to fitness and a symbol of your power. Incorporate these bicep exercises into your routine, and you’ll be well on your way to sculpting impressive arms that not only look great but also perform with strength and function. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or just starting out, these exercises are your ticket to bicep gains. Top of Form.


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