Good News: Fitness and Health Geeks

Modern healthcare and fitness has become extremely complicated and unaffordable for many of us. Those who can afford often wonder where to find the best healthcare plan or healthcare insurance in order to ascertain their fitness. There is a plethora of healthcare insurance deals and healthcare plans available online. However, do you know that apart from some cases, we would not have needed these fitness plans and healthcare insurance deals if we had simply followed healthcare geeks? Wondering how?

Proverbs are Good News for Fitness

We are well familiar with the time-tested proverbs i.e. health-geeks, such as “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, “Prevention is better than cure”, “Eat to live, not live to eat” and “Better to wear out than to rust out”. These and the likes are all based on centuries-long experiences of the human race and are faithfully trusted albeit they have no scientific basis for them. Medical care and Physical well being could have been very easy for us if we followed these geeks. Healthcare insurance would have been needed but could be affordable and cheaper.

Have you ever doubted the veracity of any fitness-related saying because our forefathers have framed many of these proverbs without any scientific evidence, or we could say merely on the basis of their personal experiences? Of course, not because we believe in them as we believe in our very existence. But, do we follow these geeks? Just as we do not practice time-testing ways to make our bodies healthy, maintain our fitness and keep our minds at peace, we are in dire need of healthcare plans and health insurance.

Proverbs and Scientific Knowledge on Fitness

Our modern-day knowledge is based on and supported by scientific evidence. The healthcare plans are also based on modern scientific knowledge. Modern health related knowledge clearly supports the notion of healthy foods, rigorous physical activity and care as the basis of healthcare plans. We know that health geeks cited above are also related to food, sleep, stress management, early treatment, fruits or nutrition on the whole and physical well being. Wondering how?

When they say eat to live, not live to eat they are warning you against obesity. When they say better to wear—- out, they are emphasizing physical activity; and when they say you are what you eat, they are clearly talking about your nutritional plan. What better healthcare plan can you get than the sum of these wise sayings? Mental health and fitness are also emphasized when they say “Never let the sun go down on your anger”! They are talking about stress and anger management.

Great fitness tips! Think about the practicality of other health-related proverbs and guess what they say about healthcare in your daily life. Your healthcare plans are necessary but you won’t be in severe need of them if you start practicing the treasure of geeks regarding your health.

“A banana a day keeps smoking away” can be a proverb in health if we start thinking about what proverbs could be devised based on 21st-century knowledge of healthcare.

Think about the practical meaning of some old proverbs and tell us in the comments section which of them is regarding the importance of early treatment and which one is about the importance of sleep.

The bottom line is that, in addition to modern workout plans and fitness routines such as HIIT (High intensity interval Training), Calisthenics, Cardio and strength training, the old sayings akin proverbs are a great treasure of fitness and health which can save us from a lot of fuss. Acting upon these simple sayings will not ensure your fitness but also saves your time cost as well as economic costs. The economy is under great stress in modern times and health care and fitness are too costly to afford. These are times when most of us building our own fitness plans. For more see: 

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