Planet Fitness Oceanside: 3 Best Plans and Advantages

Planet fitness has made remarkable progress in the physical fitness industry over the years. Planet fitness Oceanside is one of their several fitness planet gyms. Everyone looking for a gym nearby looks for a fitness club where he/she feels accepted as well as respected. The place must be welcoming, embracing, friendly and healthy. Most importantly, the ideal place for workout is the one which is judgement free. These basics requirements are necessary for everyone, eighter a beginner or a fitness veteran.

Planet fitness oceanside situated on Mission Ave (CA) boasts of providing the friendly and healthy environment with highly professional certified trainers who are more than ready to help you in achieving everyone’s fitness goals. Not into gym, Read on effective and result oriented home based workouts

Planet Fitness Oceanside: Membership Plans

There are three main membership plans offered by planet fitness oceanside. Each plan offers different costs and advantages. The best thing is the planet fitness oceanside app which is free to use and provides unlimited workout plans and exercises for people of all fitness levels. These exercises include treadmill exercises, weight machine exercises, smith machine exercises to calisthenics and no equipment strength exercises.

All the plans provide free access to fitness app of planet fitness oceanside

  1. Classic Plan: Planet fitness oceanside classic plan involves monthly payments, usually up to $10/month excluding taxes and duties with free and anytime access to your home gym. The planet fitness has over 2400+ branches.
  2. Paid in Full: This a lifestyle membership plan that have interesting perks and amenities of its own.
  3. PF Black Card: Planet fitness oceanside offers PF black card that makes planet fitness your cosmic fitness club throughout the world. Free access is provided to PF black card holders in all the branches. Moreover, you can also enjoy and visit multiple nearby locations like planet fitness oceanside.

Some of the amenities offered by the Planet fitness Oceanside black card are:

  • Access to All Locations

Black Card members enjoy unrestricted access to all Planet Fitness locations. Whether you’re traveling or prefer the convenience of multiple nearby gyms, this membership ensures you’re never far from your fitness journey.

  • Unlimited Guest Privileges

With the Black Card, you can bring a guest to any Planet Fitness location at no additional cost. It’s an excellent option for working out with a friend or family member, making fitness a social and enjoyable experience for black holders of Planet fitness oceanside.

  • Use of Massage Chairs and Hydro-Massage Beds

After an intense workout, relax and rejuvenate your muscles with the available massage chairs and Hydro-Massage beds. It’s a fantastic way to unwind and recover from your training sessions at planet fitness oceanside.

  • Total Body Enhancement

The Black Card membership of planet fitness oceanside includes access to the Total Body Enhancement machine. This revolutionary device combines red light therapy with vibration technology to enhance your overall wellness and appearance.

  • Black Card Spa

Planet fitness oceanside is specialized in maintaining overall health and well-being, Planet Fitness Black Card members can utilize spa facilities, such as tanning and tanning booths, at no extra cost. These additional amenities contribute to a holistic approach to fitness and self-care.

  • Discounts on Planet Fitness Store Merchandise

PF Black Card members can enjoy exclusive discounts on Planet Fitness oceanside store merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and more.

  • Use of Total Body Enhancement: Total Body Enhancement is a wellness and fitness technology offered at some gyms, including Planet Fitness oceanside as part of their Black Card membership. It’s a specialized machine designed to promote various aspects of overall well-being, including physical fitness, recovery, and skin health.
  • 50% off Select Drinks: The Black card membership at planet fitness oceanside also comes with exclusive 50% off on some selected drinks that can be purchases from the stores at the club.
  • Exclusive Planet Fitness Oceanside App workouts: Another perk of having a black card at platinum fitness oceanside is that exclusive workouts of all levels and customized to your fitness needs are provided through PF app.
  • Partner Rewards and Discounts? Black card holders at planet fitness are offered several exclusive discounts and rewards by the partnering agencies of PF. Read more on advantages of Fitness planet for your desired fitness goals. 


As classic member of Planet fitness oceanside you will get free and unlimited access to your nearby planet fitness gyms and clubs, free Planet fitness app, free wifi in the premises of planet fitness home, free fitness training and the advice from expert and certified trainer.  

In conclusion, the Planet Fitness Black Card membership is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive fitness experience that goes beyond a standard gym. If you value convenience, social fitness, recovery, and holistic wellness, the Black Card is a membership worth considering. Want to know more about Fitness planet! Read our comprehensive guide for this purpose. 

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