6 Ways to Get Rid of Stress

Are you tired of scattered minds and useless thoughts that ultimately end in the form of Stress? If yes, then you may come across five general but effective rules that when combined with medical treatment can do wonders and you may get rid of stress. Here are these effective lifestyle changes.  

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       1. Meditation

Meditation is a primitive technique that may prove an elixir for the treatment of stress and anxiety and finally may be the cause of mental well-being. Mindfulness is a technique that concentrates on the present perspective of things rather than relying on annoying past events or future concerns that may trigger stress. In such a way, we can easily manage the stress.

      2. Get Rid Of Stress through Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle changes have been the talk of the town for quite a long time. It is said that we can bring many positive changes in our lives as soon as we change the routine and style of life. 

       i) A Balanced Diet:

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for the stress. By regulating the production of this hormone we can control stress. There are some foods that are very important in reducing the production of this hormone. Vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants taken from Fruits and vegetables are crucial to have a positive impact on mood uplift relieving individuals from anxiety and helping to get rid of stress.

      ii) Quality Sleep:

Partying and gatherings resulting in sleepless nights have been very detrimental to our mental health. Disturbed and irregular sleep patterns are also the cause of stress. So ensuring early and restful sleep at night helps the individuals to recover from the stress.

       3. Social Engagements

Another effective way to get rid of stress is social engagement. Keeping yourself busy is an effective way to cope with the problem of stress. There is a wise saying “An empty mind is the Devil’s workshop”. Stress haunts those who remain aloof. So try to engage yourself with friends and relatives as such kind of interaction releases the hormone oxytocin in the body which is very useful to counter stress.

       4. Charity and Humanitarian Works

Humanitarian works or Public welfare is an arena that has been referred to by many mystics as the source of eternal peace and happiness, making you happy and helping to get rid of stress. Irrespective of your belief, it has also been proven by the science that being helpful makes one contented and satisfied and it results in the excessive production of happy Hormones. In such a way, stress is relieved. So selfless sticking with community welfare works may prove useful for those who want to get rid of stress.

       5. Physical Exercises

Physical exercise is key to a healthy body and mind. As there is a famous saying “A sound body has a sound mind”. It has been observed people with weak physical health tend to be more susceptible to mental disorders; anxiety and stress. So, regular exercise is directly linked with mental health. Giving serious consideration to this may reduce the stress to a great extent.

     i) Yoga:

Yoga is an old technique that originated from the East and has been very instrumental for ages. It comprises exercises that are dedicated to relieving you from the worries of the world and making you happy and content around the clock.

   6. Questioning the Mind Technique:

It sounds strange! Let’s delve into this mantra. We know that stress or anxiety is nothing more than feelings of irritation, unhappiness, helplessness or overthinking. So when you encounter stress, stop thinking for a moment and ask yourself why I am taking so much stress. What is making me so disturbed? Try to comprehend why your mind is reacting in a negative way. So, start by taking some deep breaths and think about what would be the maximum loss or unwanted result that you have to face if your problem is not solved. Then take a step further and think about whether you have any option or way to avert or control the situation. If the reply is yes then do the needful and if you have no control to avert the situation then let the things happen and tell yourself why to worry about the happenings that are not under your control. For a deep understanding of such techniques, you can read the book of Dale Carnegie. titled “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.  In this way, you will be relieved to a great extent, and manage to get rid of stress.


As we know stress is a form of anxiety that has been engulfing the happiness of masses around the globe. Even stress has been a major cause of many crimes and evil doings and the same has been reported by many Psychiatrists. So management of the stress is very important. The above-mentioned techniques are the primary yet effective ones which should also be incorporated into your life after getting proper consultation and help from qualified mental health professionals; Doctors, Counselors etc.

Moreover, guidance from mentors who have specialized in self-help may be sought and techniques devised by those to stop worrying may also be adopted for a better result. Lastly, remember it is your health that is being compromised so love yourself, leave the worries and enjoy life as there are sufficient grounds to put a smile on your face.

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